Youtube Videos

I have a Youtube Channel that displays a lot of my work, tutorials, Time-Lapse videos and seminars. If you are interested in viewing how I do some of my artwork or would like to learn from my tutorials, please visit my YouTube Channel, like and Subscribe. Here is a link to my channel.

Copic Time Lapse video of Willie Nelson

Walter White Copic Marker Time Lapse Tutorial

Abraham Lincoln Time Lapse Copic Marker Tutorial

Ellen Time Lapse Copic Marker Tutorial

YouTube Copic Portrait Tutorial Series

I am conducting a YouTube Video Tutorial on using Copic Markers to create a Portrait. I will be covering every aspect of creating a Portrait using Copic Markers and the entire process of doing so. Every week, I will upload a new Video to my Youtube Channel while I take you through the Portrait from Start to Finish. Please visit my YouTube Channel, hit like and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos.

Introduction to Portrait Seminar.

Introduction to Portrait Seminar.