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Welcome to my official website,

Please browse through my work, and feel free to comment or message me with any questions. I have spent years as an artist trying to improve the quality of work that I put out and I would love to hear from anyone who enjoys my artwork!

  • My Tattoo Policies and Information

    So, you are looking to get a tattoo and you want me to do it? Here are a few things that will make this process go by just a little smoother.

    First, before we get any further. I generally am booked out 6-12 weeks in advance. Unfortunately, that means I can not take walk-ins and rarely can I get someone in within 2 weeks.

    To get started in the process of making an appointment and getting tattooed by me, this is where we start.

    First, Contact me. I can be contacted through email, through my website, Facebook or by phone at the shop. Be very detailed when leaving messages. Please tell me what you want to get, where you want it and be specific and detailed.

    Second, I require a consultation and a deposit to book an appointment. I do consultation Tuesday through Friday between 12-8. If you would like to book a specific time for a consultation, please let me know. At the consultation, we will discuss your tattoo ideas, placement, size and timeframe. From there, we can book your appointment. I require a minimum of $100.00 deposit to book an appointment. That cost will be deducted from your LAST session. We will go over available days and time and pick a suitable day to book an appointment.  Deposits are non refundable but are transferable if you give me a 48 hour notice. If you do not give me a notice or reschedule, you will lose your deposit.


    Appointment days. I will be ready for your appointment. Please do the same. I charge 150.00 an hour to tattoo and that is only the tattoo time, not drawing time or set up.

    I also offer two types of appointments. I offer half says (4hours) or full days (8 hours). I charge $600.00 for a half day or $1000.00 for a full day.


    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • The Good and Bad in staying busy.

    Well, over the last year I have gotten busier and busier. Things seem to be going well. Im staying booked up with tattoos, working on a ton of new art projects, doing some traveling, working on my YouTube Channel, doing a lot of Copic Marker sketches and generally leaving me with very little time to spare.

    So, its hard for me not to enjoy every minute of the new adventures in my career. I love them all. The good news is I stay busy doing what I love. I get to create art everyday. I couldn’t ask for more and in fact I wouldn’t have time for more anyways. Great!

    Well, there is always another side to every coin. Staying this means, that I don’t have extra time. In turn, I cannot draw projects a month before a tattoo (like I used to), I also have very little time to take on new projects. I love expanding my art in every direction but it seems I have more work than I have time and that can be an issue. With that bing said, please be patient. I can assure you that you can make appointments with me, and I will be ready for them. I can assure you that I will complete all of my projects, tattoos, paintings, sketches and anything else I have taken on before the date that I have promised. Please be Patient.